Click on any link that says book an appointment or click here Book Appointment - Your Construction Expert (yourconstructionexperts.com), and a Callender will appear. Choose a date and time convenient to you. Enter a few topics you would like answered, then put in your payment information and click book. Automatic links will be sent to your email on file and your telephone. You will get a confirmation mail and reminders periodically reminding you of your appointment time.

When your appointment starts, it will be done with the expert contractor to respond to questions on an audio call. We will handle as many issues as we can by order of importance, guide you through whatever questions you may have, and point you in the right direction to ensure that you are protected as a consumer as best as possible. We will assess your situation, and you have 25-plus years of experience to inform you of the pitfalls and ways to protect yourself and properly manage your project.

YES, you can and at NO Extra Cost. If needed, request the advisor to do a more concise consultation to ease your concerns with the most accurate information possible. There is no additional extra charge for this service. That way, our experts can visually see what concerns you and offer more concise feedback for your issue and possible options to address your concern. Remember, we are here for you. Simply request a video appointment at the time of booking.

Yes, you may book as many appointments as you like one on one with a consultant and even request the same expert if you prefer; we will also offer a subscription-based platform at a reduced rate so that you can reach out as many times a week as you feel necessary To hold your hand through your entire project so that you know you have an expert in your corner your https://www.yourconstructionexperts.com/book-appointment/ is here for you.

No, there is Never a Charge to Use the Nationwide Data Base for Verification Purposes that connects you directly in real time to your states Data Base.https://www.yourconstructionexperts.com/verify/

The File a Complaint Process works Very Similarly to the Verify a License Portal; click on any File a Complaint button or click this Link. And you will be redirected to the state database you requested so you can file your complaint Complaint - Your Construction Expert (yourconstructionexperts.com) will talk directly with the regulatory agency that is governing your State; there are ALWAYS Experts Standing by, Ready to help answer any question you may have that may ensure you can present your complaint in a way that will give you the best possible understanding as to the way your complaint would be best submitted based on Our 25 plus years of experience today if you would like an expert at any stage of your project or you can click this Link to book an appointment button and get an experts advice in construction Book Appointment - Your Construction Expert (yourconstructionexperts.com)

Not https://www.yourconstructionexperts.com/ Platform has been built with you, the consumer mind. You can use our 100% FREE Verify a License Page by clicking here https://www.yourconstructionexperts.com/verify/ by clicking the verify a license for FREE or click this Link here for UNLIMITED FREE VERIFICATIONS at no cost to you or to Go directly to your states database in Realtime to validate that who is quoting on your job is fully licensed and that information comes now from your State's database in all 50 forms. Just Choose the State you wish to Verify-in and put in the name or license number of your potential contractor; if they are legally licensed, the result will show it, and if they are not, then there will be no information on that company. We have taken the guesswork out of validating a contractor's license with UNLIMITED Verifications 100% for FREE! https://www.yourconstructionexperts.com/verify/

Any 30 Minute Paid Consultation always comes with a 100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee on any single Paid Appointment . If you do not feel you got advice that benefited you, you will gladly refund 100% of your money, no questions asked, at the end of Contact Ask. Hassle-Free Satisfaction Guarantee.

Access to your construction experts.com video library is never a charge. This library was compiled a year the to help assist you in making a more informed decision about the type of project that you may be doing; feel free to use it unlimited times, subscribe and refer to all of the stories that we're sharing with you that we've learned in our 25 plus year career in the construction industry on both coast so click on the Link that says video library anywhere on the website or separately click on this Link here Your Construction Experts - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@timothyamcadams and Learn All You can about what goes on in the Construction Business from Licensed Contractors that have Lived the Life and seen the situations that you should avoid.

You can use the FREE Educational Video Library to help you become more informed about what to do when working with Contractors. Click this Link, Your Construction Experts - YouTube,https://www.youtube.com/@timothyamcadams and watch for FREE. Always Remember If you need personal assistance, Experts are Here for You, so Book Your Appointment today. Book an Appointment https://www.yourconstructionexperts.com/book-appointment/